Jorge Sotres
28 December 2020

“The SJRS is a beautiful and amazing guitar, works pretty well both for fingerstyle and strumming. It´s very well balanced, with body an presence in the mids and clarity in the upper frequencies. It´s very comfortable to play and looks totally outstanding. Terry Pack guitars are top quality. I have several guitars, but when I open the case of this, there´s always someone who ask me for this guitar“

Jorge Sotres (Classical and finger style guitarist from Spain)
Chris Camozzi
24 August 2020

So glad to hear you are feeling better! I just love my guitar. It has the most incredible sound. I record with it all the time. I'm going to send you a video of me playing it as soon as I get some better lighting. I want it to be great for you. I can't say enough great things about the instrument. Thank you for getting one to me!!!

Chris Camozzi ( ex MD for Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton, plus has made several amazing fusion albums of his own)
James Bartholomew
30 June 2013

Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the creation of your SJRS, Its a fingerstyle guitarists dream, at least it is for me! Its suits my style perfectly, the string balance is brilliant and it really allows the melody to speak. I wish you the best and hope terry pack guitars go a long way.

James Bartholomew (popular fingerstyle guitarist with >1 million followers)
14 November 2012

Just a quick update to say that the SJRS is settling in very nicely and, as per your prediction, I love it. It is rock solid and very precise - and it elegantly handles being really hammered without buzzing too (an important quality considering my playing style). It really does play effortlessly and immediately feels good when I pick it up. I don't know what it is or why that some guitars have that feel and others don't, but know it when I feel it and this one's got it.That's what I like in a guitar - a big sound and easy playing. This delivers both. Thank you for all your help - and for a great guitar.

Wayne Shevlin (Abbey Road Studios)
John Clark
09 September 2012

My name is John Clark, I've been a professional guitar player since the 70's, have played with lots of people, but principally with Cliff Richard with whom I've toured and recorded for 30 years. Anyway... that's who I am! Just to say that last week I bought one of your PLRS guitars in Hank's in Denmark Street... nice guitar! I've always been mainly an electric player who plays acoustic when I have to. (I've always found acoustics a bit bulky physically, and never feel properly comfy with them). However... I find the small body, plus the neck joining the body at the 12th fret on your PLRS makes this guitar nice and compact and playable for me - I don't feel like I've got a wardrobe 'round my neck! Surprisingly big tone too. I imagine a lot of electric players will feel similarly... good luck with the guitar!

John Clark (Cliff Richards guitarist for more than 30 years)
16 August 2012

A lot of guitars have passed under my fingertips in my 22 years as a reviewer, some have been ordinary, some good, some very good and a few simply stunning. The Terry Pack OM falls between the last two categories. It really is a very, very good instrument that, at this price, represents stunning value for money. It’s comfortable to play, well balanced and with a tone that is already remarkable and that will almost certainly improve over time.

David Mead (Acoustic Magazine review on the OMRC)
14 December 2011

There really is little to dislike about this guitar, save perhaps the offset strap button at the heel, which may bother you when playing at the highest registers if you trail your thumb back up the neck. But overall, this guitar represents very good value indeed. It is sonically compelling and offers a great package, including an excellent arched hard case, great after- sales support and an ergonomic comfort uncommonly seen at this price. Much thought has gone into this product, right down to the optional scratchplate. One to consider before you part with your hard- earned.

Russell Welton (Acoustic Magazine review on SJRS)