Price Increases on Terry Pack Guitars

date Feb 07, 2023

Due to increased costs of materials, labour, transport and just about everything else, it is with regret that Terry Pack Guitars has had to increase their prices by 10%. The new prices will be introduced in April 2023.

Spanish Guitarist Jorge Sotres joins the list of Terry Pack guitar users

date Jun 12, 2022

Jorge Sotres is a Spanish guitarist who is extremely accomplished in the Classical, Flamenco and modern fingerpicking style. It is a great pleasure to welcome him to the website, he is amazing! Check..

Terry Pack Guitars have added a 'USED' section

date Apr 26, 2024

There is going to be a 'used' section on the website, offering a selection of second hand guitars that have been taken in P/X against TP sales, including some very special high - value guitars