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Special February 'LOCKDOWN' offer, FREE L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup £349.00

Jan 30, 2021

The 'Lockdown', whilst everyone agrees is totally neccessary,is causing a lot of frustration and preventing people from socialising and enjoying things we all took for granted. For those who are considerind changing their guitar or buying a new one, Terry Pack Guitars are offering a free L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup system (value £349.00) with any new TP guitar sold in February 2021.



Special February 'LOCKDOWN' offer, FREE L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup £349.00

To find out more please call 07970 111404 , or email
26 February, 2021

NEW Dedicated Reverb shop for Terry Pack Guitars

As well as their own wesite, a dedicated Reverb shopping site has been added to Terry Pack Guitars. It is being continually updated over the next few days and hopefully will be fully operational very soon.

30 January, 2021

Special February 'LOCKDOWN' offer, FREE L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup £349.00

The Covid 'Lockdown' has been extended for another 5 weeks, so, as a special offer, Terry Pack Guitars are giving a free L.R Baggs Anthem pickup system, value £349.00, with every Terry Pack guitar sold in February 

12 January, 2021

Spanish Guitarist Jorge Sotres joins the list of Terry Pack guitar users

Jorge Sotres is a Spanish guitarist who is extremely accomplished in the Classical, Flamenco and modern fingerpicking style. It is a great pleasure to welcome him to the website, he is amazing! 

04 August, 2020


Regrettably, due to massive increases in tonewoods, shipping and the exchange rates, costs have soared by around 30%. Here at Terry Pack guitars, we will absorb the majority of these but an increase of 10% is necessary. The good news is that the guitars are still amazing and still approximately half the price of most other equivalent quality instruments.

05 March, 2020

NEW MODEL (SJMC) Small Jumbo with Mahogany back and sides, Cedar top

solid model, same dimensions exactly as the SJRS, with the armrest Padual feature and Florentine cutaway but using Mahogany for the back and sides instead of  Rosewood and Cedar for the top instead of Spruce , giving it an overall deeper, softer sound. Still has the Gotoh machines, one piece mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard. It is an absolute joy to play, with the same easy action as all Terry Pack guitars.