Terry Pack has been in the guitar business for more than 45 years, as a retailer, a distributor, a manufacturer and a musician.

In the 70’s , together with Roger Bucknall of Fylde guitars, Terry was responsible for producing the first handmade custom, solid rosewood, electric guitars, known as Pack Leaders. He later became a distributor for many famous International brands, including BC Rich, Polytone Amps etc., and in the 80’s spent many years scouring the USA for vintage electric and acoustic guitars. It was in the late 80’s he developed a genuine appreciation and a preference for acoustic guitars and this led to his desire to produce a new machine made brand that could play great, look great, sound great and be affordable and so, some years later, he founded Turner guitars.

Now he has designed and produced his very own label. Totally hand made from the finest tonewoods, in a ‘boutique’ workshop in Vietnam, it has that ‘special’ quality of feel and sound that normally only comes from a few guitar makers who have spent their lives developing and improving their craft. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or materials and a free annual set up.

Check one out, at no obligation to buy but I warn you, you will not want to give it back!!!!